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Rajamada & Partners provides high quality legal services for local and international businesses in Indonesia. Located in Jakarta, the firm was born as result of deep commitment to continued professional growth. Our young and highly skilled lawyers always seek to establish and maintain a long-term dynamic relationship with clients.

We provide practical legal solutions with business value considerations. All client assignments are effectively handled by those with best knowledge and experience in business and practice areas of Information Technology, Commercial Corporate, Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution and Litigation.

Our clients range from multi-national corporations to private individuals. We provide services to clients in major industry sectors including telecommunications, media and technology, retail, hotels and leisure, energy and natural resources, infrastructure, transportation.

With experienced team, we help to ensure the best practical safeguarding of clients’ interests and assets. From individual legal cases and challenges into complex corporate transactional matters, dispute and projects, we maintain high value in all our services. When preferable, we can customize our services to meet the specific circumstances of each client.



We are driven by dedication to client service and commitment to solve problems. Our approach is to assess legal challenges with integrity and dynamic professionalism.

We are driven by the same desire as that of our clients, the desire to achieve successful outcomes. It is about teamwork, integrity and genuine commitment to clients.

We take care of client’s evolving needs and offer services that can accommodate client’s goals in the long run. Our focus is not just providing first-class legal advice but also sustainable legal-business solutions.

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Rajamada & Partners provides legal services with value for businesses. We deliver highest quality of legal products and straightforward solutions to our clients.

Our lawyers have international experience and are fully equipped with knowledge and insights of rapidly changed regional and international regulatory landscapes.

Several legal cases may call for expertise that extends beyond regular legal advice. We have local knowledge of Indonesian legal cultures and maintain contacts in the right places to find solutions.

We understand that our commitment to clients is the cornerstone of our business and reputation. We are not selling hopes of non-existing facts just to keep clients happy. We deliver our services in black and white by keeping clients informed and understand the real fact-situations while protecting their interests and resolving issues.

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